I'm Helly!

Branding and website designer, conscious living advocate and sucker for interior design

After 10 years in the creative industry working in Fashion Design and as a Makeup Artist, I started developing health issues both physical & mental which led me to question my purpose and what I wanted out of life.

I slowly started shifting towards a more conscious lifestyle and realised this career in the Fashion Industry was not aligned with my values, who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live my life.

So right in the middle of a pandemic, while being furloughed by the company I was working for, I decided to start my business. Which later, led me to leave this job and go full time in this new venture, where I get to help amazing people gain clarity and stand out in their field. 

branding, website & conscious living


Conscious designs for aligned brands

I am passionate about helping conscious leaders & purpose-driven brands stand out so they can help their people and do good in the world. My goal is to help you create a brand that has longevity, combining timelessness while staying relevant to its time and what’s happening in the world.

What defines a purpose-driven & conscious brand?
You have a purpose & a mission that goes beyond the numbers, and this is why you exist, this is what drives you. In everything you do, you are conscious about your actions and reactions to the world we exist in.



In an increasingly isolated world, connection is more important than ever for our wellbeing.



I believe conscious actions & gratitude helps us live a more meaningful & intentional life.



Treating people & ourselves with kindness is key to positively impact the world around us.



It’s not just the superficial kind. Beauty helps us form relationships with our environment, from food to landscape to art, and even with each other.

love &
good vibes



I serve

The conscious leaders, change-makers, purpose-driven and wild-hearted.


I do

I help conscious businesses stand out, create elevated experiences and attract their dream clients with strategic and versatile designs.


I do it

I am passionate about helping you stand out and feel confident within your brand to serve & connect with your community.

Fun Facts

Star sign

Taurus Sun, Libra Moon

Favourite place

Bali + London

Life-changing book

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Human Design


Food I could eat forever

Pad Thai

If I wasn't a designer

I would be a professional surfer, or interior designer or a travel photographer

Interior design. art.
curated small shops.
nature. writing. love.

i'm inspired by

Jo Irving

Larkin Living Spaces

Flower + Stories

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