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About flowers + Stories

Flowers + Stories is more  than an online plant store, it's a space that brings a sense of peace, enhance people's wellbeing and connect them with nature and other plant lovers.

Behind the Design

This project was presented as a single concept idea mixing  poetic and some masculinity throughout the brand .
The brand is about connection + storytelling, achieved through visuals and words.

"Helly jo was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her creative vision and clarity in bringing ideas to life is beyond amazing. More so I can’t believe how incredibly professional and organized Helly was throughout the process. I am extremely happy with the work she has done and I would definitely recommend her to anyone, she is 100 percent worth the investment. 
Furthermore Helly is very approachable, positive and forward thinking she made me feel super comfortable sharing my ideas and I believe she brings the best out of her clients."

Kind words

- Miriam, Flowers + Stories


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